Why?? Why every month we go through the same shit!
sure! it is femininity.. a pride.. something that makes you a women and not a girl child.

But those five days of stomache, back pain, waist pain.. feeling of uncomfortable-ness. I actually feel sick during these days.. can't sit because of the stomache, can't lay down, because of the waist pain, can't walk because of the leg pain..and that constant fear of staining your cloth RED. Yes, there's more, you cannot dare to go into a public toilet... and making excuses to go to the restroom, again and AGAIN!!

oh and those emotional mood swings.. those symptoms you get from a few days... bloated tummy, heavier body, oily skins, PIMPLES!!

It gets worse, FAMILY. you cannot enter into the kitchen, touch the so called pure things separated for ceremonies/rituals.. let alone be a part of them, take bath on first and the fourth/fifth day, restrictions on visiting temples, touch sculpture of gods and goddess.

Basically, during these five days, we avoid travelling, wearing white/light colored pants/bottoms, No Sports! No Running! Our mood is, well,.. sort of not there at all.


Well, I guess one has to pay for being created as a beautiful creature after all. (sorry boys!)

P.S: There's a fact too, we feel nothing like the advertisement lady even after using a sanitary pad! Yes, that's just what they show on television to sell their products. Its clean though. :-)