When did I write my last post!??  LOL

Well, Nothing much is going on in life.... boring, eh?

College works, watching vlogs on youtube and literally nothing else.. too boring yes!

So, I thought why not I write about my college life at the moment, since that's the only functioning part of my life rn.

I just got done with MBA first semester's Board Exams, exam thik-thak bhayo btw. Hehe. This has to be my first college/ class experience in 4 years. It's quite fun unlike the professional course which separates you from making friends, social functions and moreover living your life.

College life is hectic tbh. I had no idea MBA was like this. I even broke down once due to too much pressure :'( Nevertheless, the moment you get done with an assignment or manage to barely meet a deadline, it feels good. :-D

So, by this post, I want to share my 6months experience as a SOMTUain, MBA 12th Batch.

P.S The most important part of the journey has been my classmates. :-D

1. The first ever group photo. We didn't know even know eachother's name at that time. Everybody seemed so "Sojho" back then. Haha.

2. This day, we decided to show up in Formals and take a group photo. As you can see, we didn't succeed, due to time constraint. This was the only click we could manage :-D

3. Few missing, Kanchan's Birthday Celebration at college. :-D

4. Cycling to Khokana with classmates and others.

Oh! and how can I forget this epic moment.

Midterm exam ko pressure, getting into Top 10, draft submission deadline the next day... we stayed up all nights, attended Bootcamp, fought with eachother over the silliest matter (all due to frustration only) and with the least expectation won the competition. And the Best part was, the two teams from our Batch won the 1st and the 3rd position. Such a proud moment. :-D

That's one long post!

Haha will keep on posting more.