Hey all!

I know I only just recovered this blog yesterday, but I am going to keep posting. It's vacation time and I have literally got nothing else to do ( well, assingments are there but ehh...) So, lets jump into 10 very random facts about me. I wonder how many of my friends actually know these things about me.

  1. I am highly indecisive. Be it the clothes I wish to buy, the book I want to read or the food I want to eat, it takes me a while to come to a decision and that sometimes pisses my friends off ο˜›

  2. . I am very rigid when it comes to food. I don't like eating out. I'd rather prefer a bowl of spicy soupy noodles (big time noodles fan ) and I am not a fan of mo:mos or pizza. (There, i said it)

  3. I am not into partying. I prefer playing board games or watching anime all day long. Is partying the best way to socialise with people? Yet to find that out.. 

  4. I am addicted to Instagram and Twitter! I legit check it every 5 minutes even when there’s no notification of any sort. It’s like my favourite time pass idea ο˜‹

  5. I strongly believe in karma.

  6. I am a big nature fan. I love places with trees and animals (anything having more than 4 four legs scare me )

Hint: get me a window seat and I am willing to go anywhere

  1. I partially lactose intolerant (or lets say by choice :P), wasn't like that from the begining also never really liked dairy products so it's okay. 

  2. I’m a night owl. I could work/study the whole night and not feel tired but I hate to work/study in the morning

  3. I am a huge Potterhead. Yes, I like the idea of magic.

  4. Lastly, I am a lazy-ass. I keep things to do at the last moment. Very bad habit. Well aware! Willing to change myself soon. 

Will write more soon hopefully β˜Ίο™‚